Sonoma County Covers Project on Jackalope Records
Produced by Doug Jayne
Recorded and Engineered by Allen Sudduth and Doug Jayne except where noted*
mastered by Darryl Webb
Cover design by Greg Scherer
Web Design by Bobby Lee

Disc One:

  1. Spirit in the Sky – Solid Air, written by Norman Greenbaum
  2. Only Child *- Jon Gonzales ‘n Family, written by Frankie Boots
  3. The Money – by The Bootleg Honeys, written by Kevin Carducci
  4. You Can’t Break My Heart – Doug Jayne & Brian Griffith, written by Dean Wilson
  5. Last Seen in Gainesville – The Ruminators, written by Audrey Auld
  6. Too Much Fun * – Danny Sorentino (Rockin’D and the K’s), written by Billy C. Farlow and William Kirchen
  7. Local Color – Cori Wood, Kevin Russell & Markie Sanders, written by Allegra Broughton & Sam Page
  8. Deep Water – Nina Gerber, written by Keith Allen
  9. Devil’s Right Hand – HotGrubb, written by Steve Harr
  10. Telephone Call From Istanbul *- Dirty Cello, written by By Tom Waits
  11. Friends* – Dave Hamilton, written by Hugh Shacklett
  12. Geritol Gypsy* – Steve DeLap, written by Peter Krug
  13. How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away – The String Rays, written By Dan Hicks
  14. On a Country Night – Sarah Baker with Al Garth, written by Stu Blank

Disc Two:

  1. I’m So Thankful – Gary Silva, written by William Schuler
  2. You Just Have to Laugh* – Chris Webster & Nina Gerber, written by John Salz
  3. Darkside – Timothy O’Neil Band, written by J. Palmer
  4. I Will Not Cry Tears Tonight – Smilin’ Iguanas, written by Doug Jayne
  5. My Eileen* – Rory McNamara & the Ring of Truth Trio, written by Lisa Redfern
  6. Forty – The Orchid Killers, written by Audrey Auld
  7. Mama – Jeff Falconer, written by Hugh Shacklett
  8. Glorious Bird* – Bobby Lee, written by Allegra Broughton & Sam Page
  9. Fingers – Adam Traum, written by Harold Wayne Haught
  10. You’ve Got To Breathe – The Beautiful Questions, written by John Reese
  11. Before We Drifted Apart – Jay Gottlieb, written by Dave Hamilton
  12. On A Tailwind *- Ric & Mark Brown, written by Glen Murrell
  13. Cobb Mountain* – The Poetry Band, written by Tim Williams