Before We Drifted Apart

performed by Jay Gottlieb

written by Dave Hamilton, ©2013 Dave Hamilton Music (BMI)

  • Vocal – Jay Gottlieb
  • Harmonies – Jay Gottlieb & Steve Della Maggiora
  • Finger Picking Guitar – Jay Gottlieb
  • Bass Guitar & Lead Guitar – Steve Della Maggiora
Thank you’s and shout outs to brother Dave Hamilton for letting me do his song.  One of his best I think.  And also to my long-time friend and fellow “usual suspekt”, and musician extraordinaire, Steve Della Maggiora, for playing and singing on this recording.  And finally, to a studio engineering genius, Doug Jayne, who actually managed to make a sows ear sound like a silk purse.
-Jay Gottlieb



Jay Gottlieb


Doug Jayne and Jay Gottlieb