Cobb Mountain

performed by The Poetry Band

written by Timothy Williams, ©2003 Timothy Williams

recorded at Jane Gets a Studio, Cotati, CA, by Jane Clark


The Poetry Band at Old Vic

The Poetry Band with Kevin Haapala, Pedal Steel Guitar (left, playing his Fender), poet Timothy Williams (center) and Sam Page, Bass (right), perform at The Old Vic in Santa Rosa in 2002. Drummer Don Connolly was working for the Love Choir that night.

Thanks to Sarah Baker for arranging the back-up singing trio with her, Allegra Broughton and Nancy Pritchard.

This song is dedicated to the folks past and present of Cobb Mountain. No evacuation nor trial by fire, can deaden their love for the quiet village, nestled in the pines on Highway 175, as is evidenced by its continual spirit of renewal and reconstruction after the Valley Fire.

The downvillage of Cobb was untouched by the mosaic of fire, as was its school, gas station, fire department, post office, pub, and stellar golf course.

The hospitality of a magical place awaits those who climb over Highway 29 into its vastness that only nature can destroy.

And nearly did, yet for a shift in a joker’s wind gone mad, and the hang toughness of the firefighters who dug in a fire line and made it stand!

-Timothy Williams

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