Too Much Fun

performed by Danny Sorentino (Rockin’D and the K’s)

written by Billy C. Farlow and William Kirchen, © Bmg Bumblebee Obo Ozone Music

recorded at Shady Grove Studio Cotati, CA

Rockin’D and the K’s

  • Danny Sorentino – lead vocals- guitars
  • Kent Fossgreen – Bass
  • Kenny Susan – Drums-Vocals

Produced by Danny

When I first heard of this project I wasn’t sure what other local artist I would like to cover there are so many good singer-songwrtiers in this area and so many that have come and gone , well I thought of someone real gone my former mentor and tormentor Billy C. Farlow. I was in Billy’s Band from 1979-1980 when he lived out on West Sierra Ave in Cotati. I was recommended for the gig from a mutual friend Rick Saylor who was doing sound at the Inn Of The Beginning at the time at least that’s how I remember it. I was the young buck in the band most of the other guys were about 6 years older than me which is big deal when you’re 23. All these guys were great players half the band was David Bromberg’s touring band at the time and the other guitar player Chris was also teaching guitar and I was really still learning to play so everyday was a learning experience , but I held on by the hair of chinny chin chin and by the time I left the band I was ready to lead my own band.

I learned how to be a bandleader from Billy C. and so much great american roots music that Billy C. knew like the back of his hand. It was like going to Rock and Roll college and Billy had a P.H.D. and was happy to teach you. So the song I chose for this project was Billy’s signature song “Too Much Fun” which I played every night with him while I was in the band. It was always a rocking number that got the folks on the dance floor and sending up drinks to the bandstand – the sure sign of success! I hope I did the song justice – it was a bit daunting doing the vocal when Billy is such a great singer and really owns this song but I did my best! I still talk to Billy C. every once and while. He is down in Alabama taking it easy right now and he deserves it . Billy C. is the real deal you won’t see his kind pass this way again. I love Billy C, and I still love to have Too Much Fun!

-Danny Sorentino