You Can’t Break My Heart

performed by Doug Jayne & Brian Griffith

written by Dean Wilson, © 1994 Dean Wilson Music

  • Doug Jayne: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • Brian Griffith: Vocals
  • Allen Sudduth: Electric Guitar
  • Bobby Lee: Pedal Steel
  • Kent Fossgren: Bass
  • Gary Silva: Drums
  • Steve Barbieri: Acoustic Guitar

I met Dean Wilson around 1981 when I was the Service Manager at Torvick Volvo in Santa Rosa, CA.
I was fairly new to the area, having moved from Durango, CO in 1979, and we became fast friends.
Dean knew (and still knows) a lot of stuff. When we would hang out he would often show me his home studio apparatus; he recorded onto a computer with a program named, “Texture”.
He created drum tracks with a sequencer, knew how to read music, in fact he took music composition in college.
Dean always made me feel like I was his musical equal, even though I could barely string my guitar, or keep it in tune.
In the late 1980’s we began playing around the county  in a mildly popular band that we named Stupid White People .
Dean encouraged me to be the front man, and I went through a little creative splash where I wrote a lot of songs.
As my fellow musicians will mostly agree, playing live music in bars and clubs can be bad for your health.
In the mid 1990’s I cut back on live performing so I could drink with my family (heh-heh), but Dean and I continued to make music, often in my studio.


Doug, Dean and Kevin playing Chris Coursey's wedding reception

Doug, Dean and Kevin playing Chris Coursey’s wedding reception

Over the past few years, Dean has had a creative splash as well.
Seems like every time we get together he has a new song to show me.
He has a knack for hearing things (words, phrases, Malapropisms) and turning them into song lyrics.

“You Can’t Break My Heart” came from a conversation with a lady.
She said, “I don’t want to break your heart.”
Dean replied, “You can’t break my heart; I didn’t give it to you yet”.
A song was born from that conversation.

I was yakking about the Sonoma County Covers Project with my pal Brian Griffith at KRCB, and he said, “let’s YOU and I do a song!”
I soon figured that Dean’s song would be perfect for us. Very Country; a little campy.
We cut the basic tracks with a scratch vocal, and then got Brian in to finish our duet.

This recording is dedicated to Dean Wilson in appreciation of his skills, friendship, and for enabling me to act like a musician.

-Doug Jayne


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Doug Jayne & Brian Griffith